What is PAMPA?

PAMPA is a new international network for producers, agents, managers etc. based in Europe. It’s the result of 18 months of discussions, surveys, meetings, and analysis and creates a professional association for producers, agents, managers etc. who work in the performing arts.

Forged from the collective labour of a working group of producers, managers, agents etc. from across Europe it aims to build cooperation between us and demystify the roles of the producer, agent, manager etc. It also aims to share knowledge; create a system of professional support; establish a set of guidelines for ethical, sustainable, and inclusive work practices; advocate for our profession; and protect our rights.

What does PAMPA want to achieve?

Visibility and Clarity: we want to create an accurate picture of the role of a producer, agent, manager etc. They are highly skilled, deeply connected roles which support production and distribution equally.

  • to demystify the roles of a producer, agent, manager etc. in the performing arts
  • to articulate how the roles works with artists, presenters and audiences
  • to reflect how different practices operate in different countries

Cooperation and Exchange: we want to create development opportunities and collaborative initiatives which enable us to exchange skills and grow our practices.

  • to learn from and exchange with peers to understand alternate ways of working
  • to create common foundations by pooling resources, knowledge and opportunities
  • to access knowledge from those outside of producing to enrich and develop our thinking

Working Conditions and Guidelines: we want to advocate for producers, agents, managers etc. and create a set of guidelines that improve the performing arts sector’s working conditions and offer a space for new thinking and reflection.

  • to publish ethical, sustainable and inclusive practice guidelines that ensures the role of the producer is remunerated accordingly in negotiations with artists and presenters
  • to establish a non precarious work reality which allows space for reflection about our future and how we can improve ourselves collectively for the benefit of the performing arts
  • to attract new people into the profession, support their development and ensure they are working under better conditions and are able to support new people in the future.




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The deadline for participating in the survey has expired.
We expect to share the result in the beginning of 2023.

As we build the PAMPA network, we would like to invite our colleagues from across the European continent to tell us about their professional situations, current needs, and recommendations for our initiative.

Thus we designed a survey in collaboration with -> On the Move.

This survey intends to create a mapping of the PAMPA profession in Europe***.
It will also help us to further strengthen the basis of our network as we work towards a legal status.

Your answers will be kept anonymous.

Thanks for participating!

***Regarding "Europe" we refer to this -> Wikipedia list.
If the country were you are based in is not listed you are still very welcome to fill in the survey and add the country in the end of the survey.



In December 2020, Dachverband Tanz Deutschland and LAPAS launched the initiative of brainstorming-inventing-creating a network for international producers, agents, managers etc. based in Europe.

Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (DE)
Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (DTD), the German Dance Association, operates as a network of outstanding dance associations and institutions since 2006 – regardless of any aesthetic differences, varying production methods and specific careers in dance. It develops policy papers and concepts for the promotion of dance in Germany and implements them in its projects. DTD is lead partner in the nationwide funding programmes and the representative of the German Dance Award. Since 2012, DTD hosts the informal network of independent performing arts producers, called InfoPlus – it is a platform for exchange of know-how and experiences for producers based in Germany. Since 2016, the DTD has been offering international InfoPlus meetings as well.
DTD is supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. 

L'Association des Professionnels de l'Administration du Spectacle is a French umbrella organization bringing together professionals from the fields of  administration, production, distribution and communication that work with companies, production offices and artists in the independent performing arts sector in order to think through and address the issues at the heart of these professions.

PAMPA Steering Group

Ian Abbott, Silvia Albanese, Ann-Jette Caron, Maxine Devaud, Marion Gauvent, Jana Grünewald, Stéphane Hivert, Vicenç Mayans, Magnus Nordberg, Anikó Rácz, Katja Sonnemann, Laura Trocan, Leonie Wichmann, Rachel Feuchtwang, and Ad Lib Diffusion (Anna Giolo, Klara Kühn, Charlotte Wacker)

Funders & Supporters

PAMPA is supported by the -> German Dance Association`s programme -> Kreativ-Transfer, with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.